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Aujourd’hui — 28 mars 2020English News

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate Goes Dark For Earth Hour - Video

Earth Hour, started in Sydney, Australia back in 2007, has now spread worldwide as a global solidarity movement with millions of people turning off unnecessary lights and electric appliances to highlight the importance of taking measures to counter environmental challenges.

UK Prostitutes Ignore COVID-19 Lockdown and Offer Customers ‘Coronasutra’

The development comes as Stephen Powis, a senior UK health official, said that Britain would do very well if it manages to keep the death toll from the infectious disease below 20,000. Some 1,019 have died from the COVID-19 virus across the United Kingdom.

World boxing champ Billy Joe Saunders apologizes after video shows him 'teaching men how to hit women during lockdown'

Par RT

British world boxing champion Billy Joe Saunders has apologized after footage emerged appearing to show him teaching men how to hit their female partners if tensions flare in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

WBO world super-middleweight champ Saunders, 30, is seen in the footage training with a punchbag in his barn. 

Talking to the camera, the boxer begins by saying: "I just want to make a little video for all you dads, husbands, if you've got girlfriends etc.

"Obviously this Covid-19 thing is getting quite serious and we are isolated in tight spaces.

"If your old woman is giving you mouth and you try to be patient, you try to be calm, but after the seventh day or sixth you're about to explode.

"All of a sudden, she's coming at you, spitting a bit of venom in your face... I don't know what you've done but you've upset her.

"As she's coming in at you and you've lost it, just keep it safe with the hands.

"So as she comes in, she's just about to say something and you explode and hit her on the chin," Saunders says, then hammering the punchbag with a right hand.  

Billy Joe Saumders keeping us Educated on Isolation if your argument with your Wife/Partner/GF/Fiance 😂

— Round5Robbie (@Round5R) March 28, 2020

In the footage, also shared by the Mirror, and reportedly obtained from a WhatsApp group, Saunders then goes on to explain how to "finish off" the encounter.  

"At this time she may flash and see white... she's in a state of horror," Saunders continued.

"All of a sudden you dip with that knee and finish her off, that should do the trick," he then adds, landing a vicious left hook on the punchbag.

Saunders in action back in May of 2019. Reuters / Action Images

Numerous groups have warned that domestic violence cases could increase as people find themselves cooped up during social curbs imposed a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

And while supposedly tongue-in-cheek, Saunders seems to have preempted the backlash by taking to Twitter to apologize for the clip.

"I would never condone domestic violence and if I saw a man touch a woman I would smash him to pieces myself," the boxer wrote to his 149,000 followers.

"I have a Daughter and if a man laid a finger on her it would be end well . Apologies if I offended any women stay blessed x" 

I would never condone domestic violence and if I saw a man touch a woman I would smash him to pieces myself I have a Daughter and if a man laid a finger on her it would be end well . Apologies if I offended any women stay blessed x

— billyjoesaunders (@bjsaunders_) March 28, 2020

Saunders, a former middleweight world champion, is undefeated in 29 bouts and is tipped to face Mexican megastar Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez in a money-spinning bout in Las Vegas later this year, should the coronavirus pandemic subside. 

The Brit fighter is a controversial figure, however, having only recently been forced to apologize for appearing to make light of the Covid-19 crisis in an incident involving a friend and a call to an airline.

— billyjoesaunders (@bjsaunders_) March 20, 2020

In 2018, Saunders was fined £100,000 by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) for a video in which he offered a woman drugs in return for performing a sex act.

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Billy Joe Saunders / Peter Cziborra / Reuters
World champ boxer Saunders fined £100,000 for video offering woman crack for sex act (VIDEO)

  • 28 mars 2020 à 20:15

Zombie apocalypse begins? Naked man breaks India’s national virus quarantine to viciously kill woman in savage bite attack

Par RT

Amidst all the anxiety-inducing developments of the coronavirus pandemic comes a grisly report that a man in India broke out of quarantine in order to nakedly chase after a woman and viciously kill her by biting on her throat.

The horrific slaying took place in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Friday when the man, who is in his 30s, ran out of his home naked and violently attacked the throat of a 90-year-old woman who was sleeping outside her house, Times of India reports.

The man, a textile trader, had been isolating because he had recently returned from Sri Lanka; the Indian newspaper also reported that he was “mentally disturbed.”

When neighbors heard the fracas they hurried to the aid of the woman and subdued her crazed assailant. The nonagenarian victim was rushed to a local hospital but tragically she died from her injuries. 

The ghastly homicide compounded the fears of some social media users in India who wondered if it was a sign of an impending “zombie apocalypse.”

What. The. Fuck.
34yo TN man in home quarantine runs out naked, bites old woman to death.

Guess where he bit? Her throat!
Zombies are here?

— Muskaan :) (@KameeniChhori) March 28, 2020

Zombie apocalypse is here

— BlueOcean (@thisblueocean) March 28, 2020

This is 4th day.. Ppl becoming crazy.. Imagine what happens by 21 days.. Coming week may see rise of abnormality then slowly by last day.. Ppl will normal, cool and changed.
All across d world.
Greed, lust, aggression will subside as they just escaped from death.

— SHARP SHOOTER (@johnygorkha) March 28, 2020

Kaliyug - this is the end.

— Pinky_Chatterjee (@sharmistha2405) March 28, 2020

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi placed the country’s 1.3 billion people on lockdown on 23 March.

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  • 28 mars 2020 à 19:20

Italy Covid-19 death toll passes 10,000 as 889 die from virus in one day

Par RT

Italian officials have confirmed that at least 10,023 people died in the sweeping coronavirus pandemic, with the number of infected now standing at over 92,000 and the death rate creeping towards 11 percent.

Another night of grim casualty numbers has added 889 deaths in Italy on Saturday, the country’s Civil Protection Agency said. On Friday, Italy recorded its largest daily death toll since the outbreak began, as 919 people died.

The virus-stricken country accounts for more than a quarter of all Covid-19 fatalities worldwide.

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WATCH Russian biodefense troops disinfect nursing home in coronavirus-hit Italy

Nearly twice as many people have died in Italy as in Spain, which has the world’s second-highest number of Covid-19 deaths. Worldwide, more than 645,000 people have been infected by the deadly virus, with just under 30,000 dying.

As casualties mount, the Italian government is reportedly considering an extension to the nationwide lockdown measures currently in place. Newspaper Corriere della Sera reported that the government is planning on extending the lockdown for two weeks beyond its original end date of April 3. While the country’s northern regions are the worst-hit, Michele Emiliano, governor of the southern region of Puglia, told Reuters that his region may remain locked down until mid-May.

In the north, Russian military medics have been deployed to assist local authorities in getting the virus under control. A contingent of 100 Russian personnel touched down near Rome last weekend, and were quickly sent north to Bergamo, where they have established field hospitals and disinfection units, as well as mobile testing laboratories.

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  • 28 mars 2020 à 18:36

'F*ck you pr*ck!': Tyson Fury's young son offers cheeky rebuke during dad's quarantine home workout (VIDEO)

Par RT

When you are a 6ft 9in heavyweight champion, exercising at home during a period of self-imposed isolation can be tricky but Tyson Fury isn't letting the coronavirus situation - or indeed his son - get in the way of his routine.

Fury, who defeated Deontay Wilder by seventh-round corner stoppage in Las Vegas last month, has long espoused the benefits of maintaining an active exercise plan and the benefits that it can have to one's own mental health. 

READ MORE: ‘Now you see how hard he hits?’ Incredible ringside footage shows Fury’s punching power as he decks Wilder (VIDEO) 

Restrictions in place by the UK government to tackle the coronavirus pandemic have meant that most gyms across the country have closed their doors which, along with limits being placed on the numbers of people permitted to congregate in groups, has meant that people have been compelled to find alternative means in which to stay fit, active and healthy.

However, Tyson Fury has found a workaround to this. The WBC heavyweight champion has begun posting videos of him exercising to his social media channels in which viewers are invited to join along with him as runs through various techniques like jumping jacks, sit-ups and others. 

Judging by viewing numbers, the Fury workout videos are proving popular amongst his fans - but that sentiment doesn't appear to be echoed within the Fury household itself, as shown in the video below.

🤣🤬 Tyson Fury’s son gives him a piece of his mind after being kicked out of their stay-at-home workout this morning…

[🎥 @Tyson_Fury]

— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) March 28, 2020

Fury and Wilder were expected to meet for a third time in July but there are significant fears that the coronavirus pandemic could KO any such date and push it back until at least later in the year. 

Any such delay could impact the touted clash between Fury and fellow Englishman Anthony Joshua which was expected to occur late this year, or early next year, should Fury earn a second successive win against Wilder and Joshua emerge victorious from a mandatory title defence against Kubrat Pulev which is, for now, scheduled to take place in London this July.

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© Instagram @gypsyking101
Tyson Fury shuns coronavirus warnings to head down pub for St. Patrick’s Day pint

  • 28 mars 2020 à 18:28

Not Just to Show Off: Russian Test Pilot Explains Challenges of Manoeuvring in Dogfights

Every new plane introduced to an air force behaves differently and with the introduction of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter, Russian pilots have had to adapt their solo and formation flying skills as well as perform high-level aerobatic manoeuvres – something they have now successfully achieved.

Taliban Reject Afghan Government’s Negotiation Team, Say List Contradicts Deal With US

KABUL (Sputnik) - The Taliban* have rejected the Afghan government’s negotiation team, claiming that the list of negotiators goes sideways with the previous agreement between the Taliban and the United States, the movement’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement on Saturday.

US Company Says Received FDA's Authorisation for 5-Minute Coronavirus Tests

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Abbott Laboratories, a medical equipment and health care company based in the United States, announced on Saturday it had received authorisation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for tests capable of detecting the novel coronavirus as fast as in five minutes.

Trump Bids Farewell to New York-Bound Hospital Ship - Video

Comfort, which carries 1,000 beds and over 1,200 medical personnel, is expected to arrive in New York on 30 March. It will treat traumas and non-infectious diseases in order to allow local doctors to focus on coronavirus cases.

Twitter Goes Bonkers as US Dem Presidential Candidate Biden Confuses K-Pop Idol With Virus

It turns out that a former member of the popular K-pop boy band EXO and the city where the first COVID-19 cases were reported have names that sound slightly similar.

Russia's Rosneft Oil Company Announces Termination of Its Activity in Venezuela

The Russian oil company's operations in the Latin American country, where it was extracting the heaviest mix of crude in the world, have been complicated since Washington initiated a campaign to oust democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro. The US namely introduced sanctions on companies working in the Venezuelan oil sector.

Anthem of Pandemic: ‘Who’s Got All the F**king Toilet Roll’ Song About COVID-19 Goes Viral

The lockdown and quarantine measures announced by authorities caused panic among members of the public, who rushed to stores to stock up on food and other basic necessities. According to images posted online, the most popular product as of late has been toilet paper.

Physicists On Verge of Discovering Technology to Directly Capture Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

The method, which the University of California in Santa Barbara has been working on with other university teams, is to provide opportunities to get a panoramic view of exceptionally faraway planetary systems - a big step closer to finding potentially habitable worlds similar to ours.

Moscow’s Ostankino Tower Turns Off Lights for Earth Hour - Video

The world is marking Earth Hour on Saturday between 20:30 and 21:30 local time to draw people’s attention to environmental issues.

#Сoronavirusrhapsody Author: I Wanted to Prove There Are Many Ways to Create Art in Self-Isolation

Although the deadly coronavirus pandemic has made millions of people worldwide isolate themselves as a precautionary measure, some haven’t lost their spirit and are showing their creativity in order to motivate and inspire people.

Watch What Might Happen if You Break Quarantine Rules in Spain (Spoiler: You Could Be Arrested)

Spain declared a state of high alert on 14 March, limiting the movement of people for 15 days, with a possible extension by parliament if necessary. People are only allowed to go outside to shop for necessities.

Trump Considering Imposing Quarantine in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The US recently became the country with the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections in the world, with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention reporting 85,356 infections and 1,246 deaths.

Kite, Jetpack, Social Distancing? Netizens Puzzled After Seeing UFO With Wings in Sky Above Arizona

The development comes after several UFOs were spotted in different parts of the United States. In one such event, YouTube user Denspion captured footage of three red orbs floating over Washington.

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Indonesia - EMSC

Indonesia is located in a seismically active zone known as the Ring of Fire and regularly suffers from powerful earthquakes.

From Russia With Aid: Russian Military Experts Visit Medical Facilities in Coronavirus-Hit Bergamo

Earlier this month, Italy overtook China, the birthplace of the deadly coronavirus, in the severity of the outbreak. While it still trails the US in terms of the total number of COVID-19 cases, the death toll in the southern European country is chilling.

Impeachment 2.0? How Dems & Soros Using COVID-19 Crisis to Disrupt Trump's 2020 Bid

Rich Democratic donors, including George Soros, have thrown their weight behind super PACs' effort to lambast Donald Trump's handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. Vladimir Golstein, associate professor at Rhode Island's Brown University, foresees that the Dems will try to "milk" the crisis until November in order to undermine Trump's re-election bid.

My Turn to Drive! Tiger Forces Dog From Car's Front Seat

Everybody knows that animals, especially our canine friends, like riding in cars. But doggos are not the only pets that love the feeling of roaring wind and moving road - some cats are also happy to get in the car - some big cats!

COVID-19 Fallout: Why US May Be Hit by ‘Tsunami of Inflation’

The US House of Representatives has approved a hotly debated $2.2 trillion stimulus bill to fight COVID-19, with the package of measures now slated to head to the president's desk for signature.

Primary postponed & quarantine mulled as New York Covid-19 death toll JUMPS by 209 in one day & number of cases blasts past 50,000

Par RT

The death toll from the Covid-19 infection in New York increased by 209 on Saturday, while the number of people infected with the virus rose to 52,318. The state’s presidential primary was also pushed back until June.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in a press conference on Saturday that a total of 728 people in New York have now died due to the illness. The number of confirmed cases also surged past the 50,000 milestone as it spiked by 7,683 on Friday’s total of 44,635. The increase represents a 17 percent jump on the previous day’s figure.

US President Donald Trump said earlier in the day that he was considering imposing a quarantine on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in a bid to clamp down on the disease.

I am giving consideration to a QUARANTINE of developing “hot spots”, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. A decision will be made, one way or another, shortly.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 28, 2020

Governor Cuomo said that Trump has approved the construction of four additional temporary hospital sites in New York City, which will boost the state’s supply of hospital beds by 4,000. He also called on pharmacies to start delivering medications to homes free of charge.

New York has accounted for roughly a third of the death toll and half the known cases of Covid-19 in the United States.

Cuomo says New York's death toll has reached 728, up 40% from yesterday. Here's what the state's mortality trend looks like in context.

— Bill Hammond (@NYHammond) March 28, 2020

Cuomo also used the press conference to announce that he was postponing the state's presidential primary from April until June due to the outbreak.

"We have been behind this virus from day one. We are waiting to see what the virus does," Cuomo told the assembled media. "You don't win on defense. You win on offense. You have to get ahead of this."

Saturday also saw UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announce the donation of 250,000 protective face masks to New York City, where the intergovernmental organization has its headquarters.

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  • 28 mars 2020 à 17:48

‘Inadequate armor’? FETISH supplier donates gear to ‘underfunded’ NHS as Covid-19 deaths pass 1,000 mark

Par RT

With Britain’s National Health Service struggling to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, help has come from the most unlikely source. A company supplying medical equipment to hardcore fetish enthusiasts has donated its stock.

Over 17,000 Britons have contracted the Covid-19 coronavirus, among them Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. More than 1,000 have died. In the country’s hospitals, shortages of vital protective gear have been reported, though Downing Street has blamed a surge in global demand for the shortfall.

Schools have been asked to donate goggles from science classrooms, manufacturing firms have donated respirators, and tattoo studios have given away gloves and masks. Help has also come from one niche firm that makes a living supplying Britain’s fetish community. MedFet announced on Friday that it would donate its entire stock of disposable scrubs to an NHS hospital.

Today we donated our entire stock of disposable scrubs to an NHS hospital. It was just a few sets, because we don't carry large stocks, but they were desperate, so we sent them free of charge.
We don't usually do politics on Twitter, but here's a short thread. [1/5]

— MedFetUK (@MedFet_UK) March 27, 2020

These aren’t the ‘sexy’ Ann Summers nurse costumes you might see on Halloween night. Instead, they’re actual sterilized medical scrubs, usually sold to people whose idea of a quiet night inside involves forceps, catheters, and amateur proctology. The company’s ‘needle play’ range is among its most popular.

In making its announcement, the company lashed out at “chronic underfunding and cuts” to the NHS. It said that these cuts “sent the NHS into this battle with inadequate armour and one hand tied behind its back.” 

Also on
© Reuters
Pitching for ideas? Trump turned to baseball great Rodriguez & girlfriend J-Lo for coronavirus thoughts, say US reports

Health Secretary Matt Hancock — who tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week — downplayed reports of shortages in British hospitals, but admitted that there had been “challenges” in distributing supplies.  

As the British public came together at 8pm on Thursday to applaud the frontline healthcare workers battling the rampaging Coronavirus, surely there were some keen fetishists among them pleased to know their costumes would be put to use tackling a national crisis, instead of the usual adult activities. 

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  • 28 mars 2020 à 17:45

Rescuer dies as enormous FIRE erupts near Rostov-on-Don 2018 World Cup stadium (VIDEOS, PHOTO)

Par RT

A raging blaze, near a stadium used for the 2018 football World Cup, in Rostov-on-Don has scorched an area covering 25 hectares and claimed the life of one emergency worker.

The fire was fueled by a deadly mixture of dry reeds and a swirling wind, which allowed it to rapidly spread. 

Emergency services are scrambling to battle the blaze with dozens of firefighters training their hoses on the inferno and helicopters dumping tons of water on it from above.

Под Ростовом-на-Дону горят камыши, – огонь может перекинуться на стадион «Ростов Арена». На данный момент пожар разошёлся уже больше, чем на 1000 кв.метров.

К вылету готовят пожарный самолёт МЧС.

— baza (@bazabazon) March 28, 2020

Powerful gusts are complicating the firefighting operation and one rescuer lost their life in the effort, local media report. The blaze came within 500 meters of the Rostov Arena but authorities say the stadium is no longer under threat, the Don-TR broadcasting company said.

Rostov Arena was built on the left bank of the Don River especially for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The 43,000-seat stadium hosted five matches of the tournament, including an epic playoff encounter in which Belgium came from behind to beat Japan 3-2. It’s now the home arena of FC Rostov, who were sitting fourth in the Russian Premier League before it went on break due to the coronavirus.

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  • 28 mars 2020 à 17:08

Cops Indicted After Video Showed Them Torture Handcuffed Man, Cover It Up

Par Matt Agorist
indictedThree cops have been federally indicted for covering up multiple acts of violence, including the torture of a handcuffed man who had all his charges dropped.

Police, Military Begin Door to Door Searches to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

Par Matt Agorist
new yorkersPolice are now warrantlessly stopping vehicles and conducting door-to-door searches to hunt down New Yorkers seeking refuge in Rhode Island.