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Dear White People: Read A Book Don’t Do Research Through My Body -Keno Evol

Par Keno Evol
“For several years certain laboratories have been trying to produce a serum for “denegrification;” with the earnestness in the world, laboratories have sterilized their tubes checked their scales, and embarked on researchers that might make it possible for the miserable Negro to whiten himself and thus to throw off the burden of that corporeal malediction.”

Belgian Trade Unions Prepare for General Strike against “Labour Reforms” Proposed by the Federal Government

Par Guest Post
The unrest in Belgium continues after the Michel government proposed a new “labour reform”, which robs workers’ rights by legitimizing longer working hours and higher retirement age. The planned changes in labour law include flexibility in regulations of work hour calculations. These changes give local employers the power to impose up to a 45-hour work

Crowdfunding for Refugees Evicted From Idomeni Camp in Greece (Multiple Languages)

Par Edward Cohen
Support Refugees in Greece  On Monday May 23rd, a few refugee families with children who are in possesion of legal papers left the Idomeni camp before the eviction started. They were afraid that things could escalate during the eviction, but also feared the dangerous conditions in many of the official state refugee camps in Greece.

Interview With An Activist About The Eviction of Idomeni’s Refugee Camp

Par Edward Cohen
The situation has devolved since our last interview, and almost every scenario became worst case. The refugee camp in Idomeni, Greece was brutally evicted, and roughly 10,000 refugees have been re-located. Where are they now, and what conditions are they living in? They were brought to several “camps”, most of them are around Thessaloniki. In

The First Trial Against Anonymous in Spain

Par Erin Gallagher
The first trial against Anonymous in Spain finally moved forward last week. The three defendants known as RTS, YLDI and JMZF were arrested in simultaneous raids in June 2011 in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Almeria. The #JuicioAnon trial has been dragging on for five years. The defense team and supporters of those arrested have stated unwaveringly

Bosnian LGBTI Activists Demand: Equality Now!

Par Agan Uzunović
International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOT) was marked in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Activists of Sarajevo Open Center (SOC) gathered in front of Parliament in of Federation of BiH in order to tell the parliamentarians about the need to promote the human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) persons. Activists

Climate Activists Block Port of Albany ‘Bomb Trains’

Par John Zangas
Albany NY — Over 2,000 climate activists took part in a mass demonstration and blockade of a rail yard leading to a crude oil site run by Global Partners at the Port of Albany on Saturday. The action was a protest of so-called “bomb trains” which transport a volatile form of crude oil. It was

CIA “Mistakenly” Destroys its Sole Copy of Senate Torture Report

Par Jennifer Baker
The CIA has “mistakenly” destroyed the sole copy of a massive Senate torture report in the custody of the agency’s internal watchdog group, Yahoo News reported Monday. Lawyers for the Department of Justice were at the same time allegedly attempting to assure a judge that copies of the report were preserved. Other copies of the

Disturbing Video Shows a Cop Brutally Beat a Child for Riding Her Bike, Charges HER with Assault

Par Jennifer Baker
Originally published on the Free Thought Project Tacoma, WA — On May 24, 2014, 15-year-old Monique Tillman and her brother were riding their bikes when they were stopped and this young girl brutally assaulted by Tacoma Police Officer Jared Williams. Tillman and her brother had done nothing wrong, and were merely targeted by this ‘public

CODEPINK Hosts Mother’s Day Peace Festival at the White House

Par John Zangas
Washington, DC – Peace activists, bands, music, art and community unity made a perfect recipe for a peace festival on Mothers Day weekend at the White House Saturday. The theme was creating a society free of violence so families could thrive. Several hundred took part in the event hosted by CODEPINK: Women for Peace. Other